Online Computing, Inc.

About Us

Since 1969, ONLINE Computing has helped small to mid-sized businesses across the U.S. utilize the MasterTools software suite to manage work flow, power efficiency, and report results. MasterTools is a comprehensive, scalable and customizable ERP solution, developed by ONLINE, that includes accounting, distribution, and manufacturing. It contains 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance functionality related to security, audit trails, and electronic signatures. In addition to the core components, supplemental components include E-Commerce, a rules-based product configurator, job control, electronic data interchange (EDI), serial number and warranty tracking, and service and repair.

ONLINE offers not only a robust software solution, but a partnership that provides implementation experience, in-depth training, and responsive support, enabling clients to compete successfully in today’s business environment. MasterTools users testify that working directly with the developers of the software makes a real difference in their organization’s go-live and ongoing experience.