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Snapshot is a digital agency that specializes in RevOps strategy, web design, creating high-quality video, animation, and development.


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Full-stack Web Developer
Category: 15-1134 Web Developers
Full-Stack Developers at Snapshot can code with confidence and create the amazing back-end framework to deliver on our client’s vision and expectations. They possess critical thinking skills to put to themselves in our clients’ shoes and troubleshoot issues independently. The job involves expertise in design, implementation, testing, and deployment web products. Quality, best practices and wow more
Contact: Amy Irwin
Phone:(615) 810-9855
Accounts Director
Category: Other
Snapshot is looking for an Account Director to join our organization and make an immediate impact and help us ensure we meet our Core Purpose with every project – We live to OVER-DELIVER inspirational solutions. You may be the right person for us if you: ARE UPBEAT – Meaning that you come to Snapshot with a positive attitude and desire to improve 1% each week. OWN YOUR WORK – From your first more
Contact: Amy Irwin
Phone:(615) 810-9855