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About Us

At VirtuFab we strive to build simple, productive virtual reality solutions for enterprise needs. VirtuFab is serving the manufacturing, fabrication, and AEC industries with our intuitive virtual reality import tool designed with non-engineers in mind. The VirtuFab import tool allows any stakeholder on your team to easily load anything from a single prototype design to an entire room layout for pre-visualizing by engineers, CEOs, marketing team members, and designers.

Our product didn’t start as an idea, it started as a discovery. As we listened to the needs of enterprise-level consumers we learned that many of our clients have similar pain points in their design process, and we realized we can solve those problems in VR.

The key benefit of pre-visualizing your 3D model designs in VR is the ability to test the design for user experience, ergonomics, and design feature success. We know meeting with your team over designs is important, but teams are often spread out. Meet every member of your team virtually around your prototype designs in the virtual reality collaboration space. Our toolset is always growing based on user feedback. We currently have an annotation tool for note taking, scaling tools to change your height perspective, a pedometer, laser measuring tools, and more.


VirtuFab user Jason Bunn helping a user with the import tool
VirtuFab virtual overlay shot
VirtuFab Toolset