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Watershed is a SaaS Learning Analytics Platform that enables corporate training departments to explore all their learning and performance data in one place, measure how L&D affects business outcomes, and maximize investments in learning. Built on the flagship Learning Record Store (LRS) by the people who invented the concept, Watershed employs xAPI and proprietary connectors to aggregate data from any learning, performance, and business system into a central dashboard. Watershed has worked with clients such as Visa, Verizon, PwC, and Caterpillar, just to name a few. To learn more, visit www.watershedlrs.com.


The Watershed Team
The (Mos Eisley) Cantina is one of our favorite gathering spots—we can eat, work, or relax.
Our main entrance opens up to the Room of Requirement, a casual meeting space designed to suit your meeting needs.
Watershed lives by five core values. And we're so serious about it, we put 'em on the wall.
The Red Keep is the heart of Watershed where we gather for our weekly and quarterly team meetings.
You get an office! And you get an office! And, and, and...We love collaborative working, but everyone should have a space of their own. That's why each Watershed employee has their own office with a glass door, adjustable electric desk, and plenty of room to stack those empty La Croix cans.
It may not be the main entrance, but we love our secret striped staircase.
Working in fresh air is as simple as walking outside. Our patio is equipped with tables, a laptop bar, strong wifi, and fans.
We encourage conversation and comfort—so thoughtful seating is placed throughout the office.


Data Engineer
Category: 15-1131 Computer Programmers
We’re looking for a data engineer to join our implementation team. This role is for a tech-savvy person who will be responsible for using data to ensure our customer's success in using Watershed to improve their business performance. You also must be an outgoing, excellent communicator who understands the importance of providing exceptional client support and is great at handling details.ABOUT ...read more