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About Us

Wealth Access is an innovative wealth management technology firm that supports banks and wealth management firms by providing a fully mobile, digital personal financial management (PFM) and reporting solutions for the high net worth advisor and investor community. Its proprietary and diagnostic cloud-based platform aggregates information from more than 20,000 financial services institutions and various holdings to deliver an aggregated total balance sheet view, allowing for better decision support in investments, tax planning, insurance and other complex situations faced by high net worth individuals and families. Founded by a former Merrill Lynch high net worth advisor, Wealth Access provides a complete platform for advisors to collaborate with other professionals and position themselves central to their clients’ lives. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Wealth Access is backed by successful investors and notable wealth management technology platforms. For more information, please log on to www.wealthaccess.com or follow us on Twitter at @ASmarterLook.


Wealth Access